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You are going to read a magazine article in which people are interviewed. For questions 1-15, choose from the people (A-I). Some of the people may be chosen more than once. When more than one answer is required, these may be given in any order.


Which of the people A-I says or say:


she doesn't always have enough time for her hobby? ...1...

she tries to introduce other people to her hobby? ...2...

her hobby is more important to her than her job? ...3... / ...4...

she is considering turning her hobby into a career? ...5...

she has made money out of her hobby? ...6...

her hobby helps her at work? ...7...

some people are surprised by her hobby? ...8...

somebody else first introduced her to this? ...9... / ...10...

her hobby benefits her health? ...11... / ...12...

she realised she had a talent for her hobby? ...13...

her hobby has helped her to save money? ...14... / ...15...


Making the most of your free time

What do you do when all the work is done and there's nothing on TV? What makes someone choose a particular hobby? Tina Robinson finds out.


A - Martine, 24, sales rep

For me, karate is more like a way of life. It's about much more than the time I spend in the gym practising. Karate also has a spiritual side and that helps me to stay focused when I'm out on the road, dealing with clients. As well as keeping you fit, it also trains your mind, and I think that's the part that's most important to me.

B - Vivian, 31, plumber

I collect antique dolls. I've got around a hundred of them now, some of them actually quite valuable. It began when an aunt of mine gave me a doll she'd had as a child. It's funny, but I think that people expect a woman in my line of work to like manly things, like sport, but I don't see any connection. I like my job and I like my dolls. What's wrong with that?

C - Destiny, 26, primary school teacher

It's not always easy to find the time to get away from work. Most of my evenings are spent preparing for the next day at school. I try hard to make time for snowboarding, though. In fact, if I was forced to choose, then I'd probably change job before I gave up snowboarding. There's nothing like speeding down the side of a mountain.

D - Claudia, 21, trainee manager

I first took cooking lessons because I was bored with eating the same old thing every week. I found that I'm naturally quite good at it. I like to try different cuisines from around the world. At the moment, it’s Chinese. My family love my hobby, because they get to eat what I make! We all feel a lot better now — and I've even lost some weight!

E - Tracy, 24, radio DJ

I think of it as an interest, rather than a hobby, but I love the theatre. I try to go at least once a fortnight. Since my father took me to the local theatre to watch an amateur production, I've been in love with the whole thing. Sitting in the theatre is like stepping into a different world.

F - Lydia, 30, unemployed

I spend a lot of my time during the day looking for jobs, but in the evening I like making jewellery. It means I can look good and it doesn't cost me a fortune. I keep trying to get friends to take it up so that we can do it together, and my best friend has just started. It's actually very creative.

G - Victoria, 25, factory worker

The thing about chess is that it's a very demanding game. That's exactly why I love it. To be honest, my job can be a little bit boring. The club meets once a week and we hold regular competitions. I've won quite a few locally, and even a couple of national competitions. Some of the others think I could turn professional, but I know it's very difficult to make a living out of it. Still, I'm thinking about it. It's not like I love my job!

H - Stephanie, 22, actress

I started making my own clothes because I couldn't afford to buy expensive clothes. I just never stopped, even though I can buy designer labels now. I do buy expensive clothes, but I like to wear something I've made myself and see if anybody can tell the difference. Often, they can't!

I - Amy, 19, university student

I paint for myself and I'm not interested in being a professional artist or anything like that. Having said that, I have sold one or two pieces, but only to friends. I just wanted to get rid of them to make room for more paintings. I suppose I finish about one painting a month. I try not to rush them.



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