Essays and compositions

Essays or discursive compositions, in which you discuss issues and opinions, are typically one of three types:

Compare / Contrast

EXAMPLE: 'Supermarkets are better places to shop than small shops.'

Problem / Solution

EXAMPLE: ‘In developed countries we waste as much as we consume.'

For / Against

EXAMPLE:  'Shopping centres: paradise or nightmare?'

Whatever the type, a balanced composition will contain the following sections:

1. An opening section in which you will probably describe the current situation, e.g.

• say what most people are doing

• describe what you see every day

• give examples of the way things are changing

• say how good, bad, difficult something is ...

2. A development section — divided into two or three paragraphs — in which you detail problems, bad points, ideas against and discuss possible solutions, good points, ideas for, e.g.

• describe the seriousness of problems

• say how problems are connected

• say what causes bad things / makes things worse

• describe the effects

• relate particular solutions to problems

• say what solutions people or countries are trying

• talk about why things may get better

• say when things will have to change

3. A closing section in which you make an evaluation of what you have discussed, e.g.

• say which option or solution looks best on balance

• say what the future will be like



Your teacher has asked you to write an essay saying if you agree with the following statement:
People accuse the entertainment industry of being superficial, but it employs a great many people and is an essential part of our lives. Write your essay.






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