Listening Skill 0 - General advice

General tips for Listening


  • Listen carefully to the introduction for each section and try to imagine what the speakers will talk about. This will give you useful information about the situation and the speakers.
  • In the real test, you will have time at the beginning of each section to look at the task. Use this time well to read the questions and think about the topics.
  • It is useful to underline key words in the question to help you focus on the words (or similar words) to listen for.
  • Don't look for the same word in the question and the text. Think of synonyms for words in the options, then choose the option that is closest in meaning to the text.
  • The questions usually follow the order of the recording. Don't panic if you miss one question - look ahead and think about the next one.
  • Listen to the intonation of the speakers as this could help you to decide whether a sentence is positive or negative.
  • Always put an answer on the answer sheet even if you are not totally sure if you are correct.
  • Make sure you write clearly when transferring your answers to the answer sheet.