Describing someone

1, What does she look like? (PHYSICAL APPEARANCE)

Example 1

She’s a very slim, young woman, in her thirties. She’s got long, wavy, blond hair and pale skin. She’s wearing lipstick and a pair of earrings, and I think she’s very attractive. She’s got lovely eyes, but there is something unusual about them: one of her eyes is brown and the other is blue.

Example 2

He’s well-built and muscular. He’s got receding hair and a few wrinkles. He’s got thick eyebrows and stubble. His eyes are his best feature: they’re so large and sparkly and such a deep brown.

Example 3

My mum is in her fifties but she’s by no means over the hill yet. She is still slim with a good figure. Her appearance hasn’t changed much, but she’s got a few wrinkles and she’s going grey. She wears contact lenses and you can’t tell that she’s nearly 60.

Example 4

-I don’t think I know Charlotte. What does she look like?

-You do know her: she’s the good-looking one with dark hair.

-Oh, I think I know who you mean. Is she short?

-Yes, she’s shortish, probably about my height. She’s quite slim, too.

-I know exactly who she is. She has lost a lot of weight recently and she has just had her hair cut.

-That’s right – it used to be shoulder-length and now it’s short with a fringe.


The suffix –ish is often used in descriptions of people. It is added to an adjective such as ‘tall’, ‘slim’ or ‘pretty’ to mean slightly tall/slim/pretty, etc.

He’s tallish, though not as tall as Mark.

‘Is she pretty?’ ‘Er, prettyish, I’d say.’

He looked youngish – maybe late twenties?


2, What is she like? (100 WORDS TO DESCRIBE CHARACTER)

3, Idioms to describe someone's character

4, Phrases to describe someone’s character​


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