Letter of Complaint


In the first paragraph, explain the reason for writing and in the next, explain exactly what the problem is. Give all the necessary details about where and when it happened and who was involved. Give other relevant information in further paragraphs if necessary, In the final paragraph, explain what action you want to be taken.


I am writing to complain about …

I want to express my concern about the fact that ...

I am writing to express my annoyance at ...

I must insist that you ...

I must urge you to ...

I was most unhappy with the standard of service I received in your store today.

I am afraid your customer service policy leaves a lot to be desired.

The goods we ordered from you on 1 February have not yet been delivered.

This situation is causing us a great deal of inconvenience.

I am sure you will wish to look into this and find out what happened.

Please look into this matter at once and let us know the reason for this delay.

I hope to receive a complete refund soon.

On 15 September I bought one of your `Big Ben` alarm clocks from Stansfield Jewellers in Leeds. Unfortunately I have been unable to get the alarm system to work and am very disappointed with my purchase.

Please treat this matter as one of extreme urgency.




1234, Main Street
Boston, MA 02123

Jim Carter

44 Filth Street

London EC1A9DD

11 June 2011

Dear Sir / Madam

On 5 May 2011 I wrote you a letter requesting a reply to my first letter of 22 January 2011. In both letters, I believe I made it very clear that I am very unhappy with my purchase of the Webster American Dictionary 5th edition on CD ROM and would like some action on your part to either refund my money or replace the product. To date, I have received no reply of any kind from you.

Your complete indifference to the dissatisfaction of a customer makes my decision to conduct no further business with you an easy one. However, that does not free your company of its obligation to refund the purchase price of the CD ROM, a poor-quality product which is useless to me. I expect this refund within 10 days from the date of this letter. If I do not receive it, I will be taking my case and my story to the media and other authorities.


Jim Karter

encl:  copies of my previous letters

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