Easily confused words

Choose the correct word in these sentences.

1,  I’ll go with you as long as / as soon as I don’t have to sing.

2, We need to discover another source of income beside / besides oil.

3, He wandered silently between / among the passengers on the boat.

4, Each of his twenty-four topics has its complement / compliment of stories.
5, He offered no farther / further information and she felt uncomfortable about asking.
6, The tourists were laying / lying in the hot sun like corpses.

7, I have always tried not to intervene / interfere in things that are not my business.

8, Security / Safety at the factory is not good. There have been several accidents involving machinery recently.

9, There are some themes / topics I don't like to talk about with my friends, such as politics and religion.

10, The basic principle / principal was that those who worked hard would be rewarded.

11, He was dozing happily in the shade / shadows of an old beech tree.

12, He was continually / continuously complaining about something or other.

13, The chief industry is stationery / stationary, particularly the printing of business cards.
14, The cathedral is of great historic / historical and architectural interest.

15, I love the sound of a classic / classical guitar.


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